Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sun Can't Fade Your Serenade

Thoughts divide and fortify
her hold upon the heart
lest harm befall for after all
love made and played the part
Paintings made as hearts displayed
the portraits on the soul
written page to imitate
those fates we can't control
Warming breath upon the ocean
waves were motioned crash at will
Forever made to serenade
though churning deeper still
Glistened shade to promenade
with tides to ebb and flow
for moments made like hearts displayed
those feelings fading slow
Years do pass doth time outlast
though certain in creation
portraits feel their worth reveal
the strokes of loves elation
Emblazened bold with truths untold
the scope of love defined
lest harm befall our dance enthrall
those passing ticks of time
Pen to page as thoughts engage
the words that dance and glide
no harm could fall for after all
upon our hearts relied
The chaptered turn of lessons learned
our fury fades to dust
like seconds feel as truths reveal
and death does dance for us.

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