Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Freedom Found As Thoughts Abound

Do your thoughts give birth to freedom
are you who you thought you'd be
are you everything at once
or nothing more to see
Do your words confine you
can you break from fleshy zoo
Step outside a world comprised
of what we are or do
Can you break monotony
without a single sound
Ripples have effect protect
those gathered all around
Did you wake to find the stakes
much higher than predicted
are you who you thought you were
or to yourself conflicted
Give your voice it's freedom
lift your words to saving grace
be exactly who you are
unto yourself embrace
Find a revelation
in relation to your being
heart's exact that soulful tract
til truth is all your seeing
Worry not young sparrow
tarry not or toil away
your thoughts give birth to freedom
so go free them every day

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