Monday, December 10, 2012

Across A Sea Of Decadence

Depths to gauge as visions played
and danced across the night
fevered dreams or so it seems
upon these seas of white
Take heart it's spent on moments lent
these ripples made in time
gathered here together
just to weather storms of mine
Depths to gauge come fearful made
til someday comes the sun
scorching hot revealing what
we've said and what we've done
Across a sea of decadence
no wind to carry sail
off shores we fast outlive outlast
come cast in thoughts revel
Finding grace upon the water
calming wind and rocking waves
truths found by their finding
still reminding choices made
An echo on the water
tidal waves of lost emotion
ripples made what time conveyed
as poetry in motion
Visions feel as haunting real
as words from heart to page
and dance across the endless night
in fearful depths to gauge

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