Thursday, December 13, 2012

Slipping Deep Where Shadows Play

In the darkness dreams are diving
slipping deep where shadows play
in the heart's recesses
phosphorescent light display
Glittered soul where thoughts control
and guide the depths of dreams
burning hot with whispers caught
to stitch these sultry seams
An echo on the waves of time
subconscious sparks relay
just a furied afterthought
through skin on fingers play
Amidst the fiery photographs
now sliding through the mind
inhibition slips to fade
released that love confined
Sensations overwhelming
echoes dance though whispered still
sliding deep with waters parted
slowly started heart's reveal
Lips to graze and taste delivered
shivered soul as depths divide
deep in love's recesses
still she presses me inside
Glittered soul relax let go
as whispers burn and fade
in the dark where dreams are diving
slipping deep where shadows play

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