Friday, December 14, 2012

Flash To Flicker

Yesterday now gone forever
tomorrow then is ever close
just a blink too quick to think
for time cannot be slowed
Live in seconds passing
crashing waves and clocks do chime
making most out of the moments
lightning crash and flash remind
Time that constant changer
ever moving standing still
just enough to prove its love
and memories instill
Words in hopeful reason
treasoned time does echo on
here but just a season
flash to flicker now it's gone
Hold for me a bit of grace
to trace that story told
a sun that's quickly setting
skies are graying turning cold
Clocks are ever mindful
sands are falling far too fast
a moment just to read this
words now echoed in the past
Find in seconds passing
joyful moments, memories chose
yesterday now gone away
and tomorrow's ever close

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