Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lucid Dreams

Upon that fiery night to fade
into those clouds of white
brightened skies sing lullabies
as hearts and thoughts ignite
Moment of seclusion
by ourselves yet not alone
echoed fate reverberate
that fearful heart now gone
Steadied beat come slow and sweet
match waves of passing time
in a state which you relate
I'm yours and you are mine
Where but here to hold you dear
revere these lucid dreams
ship to pass in midnight's glass
as warming water gleams
Glittered glance in happenstance
two vessels still collide
time can't erase that tingling taste
to burn the depths inside
Holding still what heart's reveal
and daybreak comes in crashing
moments made oh loving shade
like lightning strikes are flashing
Soul resigned to distant tide
as dreams do grace my night
upon that that fiery sky to fade
into those clouds of white

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