Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Light

In misty morning's calling
here you are and there we go
drifting on our dreams it seems
that's all we need to know
The world around us turning
stars are shooting waves do crash
but here the world don't matter
skies are blue and flicker flash
The touch of you is warming
charming heart to which I bind
lips still feel your yearning
burning hot as dreams remind
A moment on the skin pretend
forever's at our choosing
inhibitions weighing in
and clothes they too are losing
Stripped of all but longing
words do play on ears repeat
nothing quite as pleasing
as this teasing you complete
Time has lost it's fury
when your eyes comprise my thought
here you are and there we go
in raging rivers caught
Still you are my morning
afternoon and midnight dreams
in the misty twilight
you are my light so it seems

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