Saturday, December 8, 2012


Depth of her unmeasured
pleasured touch in moment's sway
burning skin to salt descend
where fingers dance and play
Placing thoughts on secrets spots
and tracing where we've been
Hearts collide and coincide
this pace on me depend
Searing heat collapse compete
this battle rages on
feel you still as bodies reel
those moments all alone
Taste of you a hundred hues
and to your lips resign
pulses race let go embrace
to taste this love of mine
Rise and fall in shallowed breathing
hearts are beating souls are one
forceful will to please you still
reveal your damage done
Starry streaks in tailored peaks
her will to mine surrender
in furied flash outpace outlast
to force you to remember
Queen of mine that spark remind
the truths our eyes do show
hips to feel are rising still
into your love I go
Soaked in love's temptation
correlation to your motion
burning skin which I descend
amend this pleasured notion
Together came as thoughts remain
and midday pleasures glide
depths of her unmeasured
still I force myself inside
Here on tangled sheets to burn
where heart's do spark and play
queen of mine my soul resign
it's you that hold's it's sway

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