Friday, December 14, 2012

Shooting Stars and Constellations

Shooting stars and constellations
confirmations of his grace
fiery show in heavens grow
into the night embrace
Trailing dreams and wishes
just a moment in our eyes
falling fast as seconds pass
a flash upon our skies
Displayed upon the heavens
natural canvas painting still
every streak to him unique
do speak his gloried will
Masterpiece unending
standing fast the test of time
burning hot with wishes caught
until their lights resigned
Are we but a flashing pass
a stroke upon the sky
colors painting vivid
livid dance in chance rely
Stars are falling faster now
its those with no regret
the shortest burn the brightest
won't forget about them yet
God's display on skies to play
each stroke of paint in place
stars and constellations
confirmations of his grace

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