Monday, February 15, 2010

Final Seconds Serenade

Tranquility come wanted
new-found rush of what has been
what came and now is soon to pass
at last you can't pretend.
Cycle comes so certain
comes to curtain fail to flow
yet through it all the constants call
in varied chance you know.
Desire the fire o' funeral pyre
of words that go unseen,
left to dance in circumstance
to dive to die to dream.
Free flowing now as words come quick
through lead to flow to paper stick
True the form to phase to fix
as thoughts are gone unknown predict.
Bounce and move to sinning soothe
too soon on folded heart,
as hurt did crease though God released
the pawn to play the part.
We sow yet he who gives increase
gift life to souls who break in piece
and stagger towards that final peace
to take the stage, the end, relief.
On heaven's shoulders burdens heaved
Souls to shine, rewards to reap
rugged worn but burning bright
a single star remains, the light
A glimpsing glance romanced at least
til journey's end and famine's feast.

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