Monday, August 9, 2010

Drink Of You A Million Hues

Fiery passion seems to fashion
streaking comets of desire
Eyes shut tight to dim the light
of fury's burning fire
Intertwined as night designs
come softly blues to blacks
In your arms discussing charms
while lying on our backs
Sweetened taste to rock the race
mixed swift with salty skin
Holding hips with fingertips
driving up and diving in
Waters deep yet shallow
swallowed up and made to swim
passion seems to fashion
eyes shut tight with lights to dim
Drink of you as lovers do
yet full no not this fire
Sliding to a fevered pitch
to which our hearts aspire
Skin again comes crashing
streaking comets slide to stop
burning just like breathing
leaving lips to stay on top
Pushed beyond exhaustion
embodied soulful explanation
passion flashing in your eyes
through coming revelation

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