Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tainted hearts of mice and men
from social hell and back again,
agendas hid by toothy grin
opinions change from now and then.
Stranglehold of that what's true
thread of lies in red and blue,
paint your heart a darker hue
begin again refresh renew.
No saving face now run and hide
as thoughts they flex and wills collide,
no more mistrust to coincide
remark embark to belly slide.
From dirt to muck in which to wallow
promised hands now cold and hollow,
pill too tough too big to swallow
take the lead exceed don't follow.
Beg for intervention fed
deceive us not you share our bed,
mistrust from hands now bowed your head
we follow not to where you've lead.
From start to finish now begin
check your tongue 'hind toothy grin,
from social hell and back again
the tainted hearts of mice and men.

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