Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weather Our Endeavor

Perfect night and thunder's chorus
coming for us our perdition
Thought provoked by rising smoke
and clouded indecision
Upon the vale a tolling bell
and lightning on the sky
Still to weather our endeavor
for our love the reasoned why
Seasoned by the storms
upon the scape they come to cross
Making sure our hearts endure
no matter what the final cost
Paths by which we're walking
blinding dark and lonely stroll
Emerging from the other side
despite the biting cold
Look to heaven's answer
can you read the signs you're given
if so proceed to stop recede
from all the love you're given
Perception of the storm is worn
by time interpretation
By seeing through the graying hue
upon your heart's elation
Lightning flash as storms do pass
our meadow-ed heart again is swaying
Thought provoked by lifting smoke
As thunder's chorus still is playing.

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