Sunday, June 19, 2011


Love strokes to paint a picture
with each smile upon her face
her beauty is reflected
though protected touch to taste
Smoothing hair with roughened fingers
soft to coarse and silky smooth
The beauty of my mornings
hips that rise to match my move
Ever slight come words of pleasure
whispered soft as breath on skin
smallest flinch as teeth are clenched
my love is driving in
Forced upon her wanting
questioned not she answers back
with rhythmic falls as passions calls
in love expand contract
In throes of thrillful wanting
flaunting bodied recognition
to spread the knees and softly squeeze
her love into submission
Sliding deep in satisfaction
waves are crashing down her back
As still in rhythmic time we find
our lungs expand contract
Upon this sweet exhaustion
sweat is mixed and heat does smolder
Upon your back to rise retract
my lips upon your shoulder.

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