Sunday, June 19, 2011

Midnight In The Garden

Morning came by love cascading
fading night into the past
Shadows back to corners
healing rays are slowly cast
Midnight in the garden
of my heart comes complication
as morning's hue and glistening dew
a healing convocation
Birth anew each moment
endless hope of opposition
lending dreams the warming beams
give birth to hearts ambition
Burning hot to ashy ember
we remember passion's clutches
yet find a way to pass the play
that leads into it's rushes
The midday sun consuming
glaring down and taking pleasure
in hoping he can burn us out
and keep the drought forever
Still deep runs loving waters
swirling swift inside to flow
Carving out the coming tide
no pride for letting go
Crash the coming tidal
waves to wash away the past
to leave behind the truth refined
and things we mean to last

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