Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Transparency of Heat

The cool of night is calling
drifting lightly cross the skin
playing through her hair
to circle back exhale again
Warmth of breath is failing
flailing throes of death on exit
fall turned quick upon us
winter's grip came unexpected
Is it snowing, love
in icy meadows of your heart
or do you know what comes and goes
those clouds too thick to part
Twilight glistens now in birth
of sparkled heaven's blanket
a moment's heat resign retreat
love's cup we all but drank it
Was it emptied chalice
on a palace of regret
or courtyards hued in love renewed
each time we don't forget
Knows not the wind the answer
still the dancer doth the falling
those scents of pleasure on the breeze
as cool of night is calling

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