Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tonight I Sleep

Angels or strangers whose arms are found better
whose outstretched love does hide
the sinner deep in loathsome sleep
when thoughts and hearts collide
Those who once have never known
the sliding sweat of skin
or ones we will not see once more
who knew us not back then.


vi318697 said...

Hey A.J. I know where you are coming from...I love writing! Whether that be poetry, music, or a book. To me its really all the same, but yet somewhat different. Call me mushy, but with poetry I try to read between the lines and figure out what the writer is visioning, and/or trying to tell his readers. So, in this particular passage, what were thinking? Curious...

ROCK ON DUDE! Your awesome! Don't ever stop writing!


aaron said...

Thanks Vick... ha ha ha read between them lines :) Just a thought one night

Thanks for the comments... I have really been slacking... I used to put one on here once a day.