Saturday, May 1, 2010

Burn To Taste

The miles are drifting closer
seems if seconds now replace
the distance of our hearts apart
the lips I burn to taste
Enraptured by your glory
prisoner of a past I know
never easing up this grip
your soul does save me so
Give to you my every morning
for the yearning of your kiss
our candle burns forever
nothing quenches fire like this
Think of me enclose me
place my pulse into your chest
a heart no longer beating
since your leaving I confess
Adrift upon remembrance
lay you here into my wanting
run my hands across my skin
give in from all your taunting
Force you in against me
give by will my love does slide
nothing could come closer
than the way you feel inside
Slow the moments coming
distance now seems just a dream
to look to eyes so far away
delayed as thoughts redeem
Still yet regret as hearts connect
this moment over fall from grace
and the miles are now returning
licking lips I burn to taste.

1 comment:

emilie.lurde said...

I really love this one...