Friday, August 20, 2010

Satisfaction Of Distraction

Coming rush our heat created
lips pressed tight and skin is burning
satisfaction of distraction
in the shade your cheeks are turning
Ticking clock is now my rival
stand not watch and turn your eye
make it clear unwelcomed here
as sands go sifting by
Enraptured by a moments kiss
can't miss the seconds passing
simply mine embrace entwine
upon your waves and crashing
Burning hot with racing thought
dig nails in for attention
answered back as teeth exact
the words we fail to mention
Spinning fast is time unknowing
growing tension now in sync
satisfaction of distraction
seems we two are on the brink
Battle ground of mouth to mouth
now cheek to cheek we're turning
coming rush and heat's created
lips are tight and skin is burning


Juniper Lee said...

I found you through the Craigslist writing forum, I'm very impressed. Its good to "meet"/read the work of another Tri-Cities writer. Keep it up, I look forward to reading more.

Juniper Lee

aaron said...

Thanks J I greatly appreciate it ;)