Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New The Day

New the day to fade to gray
sleep quick and be reborn,
hold your fears exact retract
shake back where dreams were formed.
Crystal shards are snaking
breaking silence of the sky,
again to wake for journey's sake
rub dreams from sleepy eyes.
Look into the heavens gaze
the sun is smiling back,
hold your fears for he reveres
the truth to be exact.
In truth we're made in life to fade
until the death of doubt,
new the day to fade away
while blues are phasing out.
Night the wounded man of time
designed to guide our rest,
to hold our dreams in measured sleep
in hopes he must invest.


Emilie said...

I really like this one. Poetry in English is very hard for me to understand but this one touched me.

aaron said...

Thank you :)